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Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Charges

"Innocent until proven guilty."  It's the most basic presumption of our criminal justice system.  Unfortunately, the stigma of being accused of a crime starts well before the jury reaches its verdict.  Just think about any widely-publicized court case, where all the armchair jurors come out to pass judgment before the facts are even presented.  Your case might not be newsworthy, but it's still serious, and the mere allegation that you've committed a crime can have its impact.  It can affect your relationships with family and friends and your reputation in the community.  Being convicted of the crime only makes matters worse.

Herrin Law Firm works with individuals looking to prevent or lessen the damage caused by criminal accusations.  Let us be your guide through the process and your voice in the courtroom.

We represent adults and juveniles facing charges for:

  • Assault

  • Domestic Violence

  • Crimes against children

  • Burglary

  • Stealing & Robbery

  • Tampering

  • Weapons offenses

Traffic Tickets & Municipal Court

Just when you think life is good, you get pulled over and written up.  Don't plead guilty and pay the fine without first consulting an attorney.  We offer affordable representation for traffic tickets and municipal court citations.

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