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Kansas City Juvenile Defense

Children who have been accused of engaging in criminal conduct are prosecuted under a different system than adults.  The court process is often much faster.  The cases are tried in front of a judge, instead of a jury.  And, the treatment and rehabilitation programs operate differently than what you might expect from the adult system.  Your child needs an attorney who understands the Missouri juvenile system.  Our experience prosecuting these cases might be his or her best defense.

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Certification is the process in Missouri through which a court determines whether a child can be tried as an adult for allegedly committing certain crimes.  If certified, your child will likely be prosecuted under the adult system and could lose out on some of the treatment options available through the juvenile system.  If not certified, your child may still be prosecuted for the delinquency in juvenile court.

Don't let your child get an adult conviction before he or she becomes an adult.  We offer legal representation during the certification hearing as well as through any juvenile or adult proceedings. 

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Delinquency Appeals

The right to appeal a trial court's judgment is an important part of the American legal system.  If you are considering an appeal from a delinquency or certification case, you will need to act fast.  And, hiring an attorney who understands not only the substantive law, but also appellate procedure, will be crucial to your outcome.

Jackson County Attorneys

Many Kansas City attorneys are appointed to handle Jackson County Family Court cases, which include each of the above types of matters.  The Herrin Law Firm welcomes inquiries to contract out these appointments.

Click here if you have been appointed to represent a parent or juvenile in the Jackson County Family Court.

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